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Tech Brief: Crossing Boundaries

Rooted in the concept that multidimensional thinking and knowledge sources enable better customer solutions and more innovation, the concept of “Crossing Boundaries” in global aerospace engineering services makes the expertise and proficiency of executives across an organization available to clients across various segments of the business, such as Commercial, Civil and Defense sectors.
A recent Harvard Business Review piece cited the importance of cross-pollination of ideas in boosting innovation, including a McKinsey survey showing that 94% of executives across industry were dissatisfied with their performance in that area. But how is successful “Crossing Boundaries” achieved and what are its challenges?
o How established best practice expertise from sophisticated government programs, such as multi-million dollar satellites and telescopes, are beneficial to commercial enterprises.

o How teams bringing cutting-edge commercial technologies and expertise in the field are vital to issues such as national security and space exploration.

o How insights on classified programs of national and international significance provide opportunities to advise industry clients on new sources of value creation that benefits both commercial markets and government customers.

Tech Brief
Date: October 8, 2020 Time: 11:15 am - 11:30 am Janet Grondin
VP Defense Programs

Stellar Solutions