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The industrialization of Space ties together the technologies, products and services that are being developed today and fast forwards to a not so distant future where humankind is not only surviving, but thriving in space. This Market Brief will help answer the questions: What are the catalysts to get there? What is the next gold […]

Market Brief: Cell Backhaul via Satellite

The adoption of satellite backhaul has grown substantially over the past years and is expected to continue to grow as satellite backhaul has become an economically viable solution for Mobile Network Operators.  Connecting people away from urban centers has always been a natural fit for satellites. Advancements in technology in both satellite capacity and on […]

Market Brief – Constellations

A satellite constellations provide permanent global or near-global coverage, such that at any time everywhere on Earth at least one satellite is visible. Satellites are typically placed in sets of complementary orbital planes and connect to globally distributed ground stations. They may also use inter-satellite communications.