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COVID-19 Statement

SatNews Events - July 2, 2020
If you’re like many of the customers we’ve spoken with in the past couple of months, you’re feeling the effects of new uncertainty created by COVID-19. We hope that you take a small measure of solace in remembering and recognizing that uncertainty has always been an inherent condition of life. Our sincere hope for you, your family, and your business is that this pandemic and its consequences remain a reminder of the wondrous unpredictability and fragility of life, but nothing more.
Due to the aforementioned uncertainty, we have made the difficult decision to postpone Satellite Innovation's in-person meeting until October 2021 and move forward with a new virtual experience this October.
We are confident this new event will elevate your expectations, expanding upon the great opportunities of our in-person conference while offering powerful new tools for our virtual attendees, exhibitors and sponsors alike!
Why Did You Make This Decision?
At this time we have identified a number of factors inhibiting an in-person meeting:
  1. Ambiguous and unstable regulations at state and local levels.
  2. Limited certainty surrounding domestic and international travel.
  3. Significant variation in company travel policies, creating a complex patchwork for those seeking to meet in-person.
  4. Numerous potential attendees have health concerns about conferences, including resources to deploy testing and scientifically backed entry policies, which are unlikely to become available in advance of the previously planned conference date.
Why Virtual?
An inherent strength of the satellite community lies in the resilient and flexible individuals who guide the development and implementations of satellite systems.  This resiliency is reflected in powerful telecommunications solutions, strong national security space and the wildly brilliant science created as a result of satellites.
Innovation remains critical to the continued success of these satellite solutions.  This mission, to push forth the boundaries of existing space technology, exists well beyond what can only be achieved in the flesh.
My Registration?
All existing registered attendees will receive a full refund or credit to our virtual event.  Please email teresa@satnews.com to process the refund and/or credit.
Silvano Payne,

SatNews Events – May 1st, 2020

I hope you are safe and well, as we adapt to the very different world in which we find ourselves. I want to give you an update on Satellite Innovation.

I am sure that we are all optimistic that world events will get better before Satellite Innovation in October.  While we can’t be sure what the future holds, we are moving ahead to plan the best event possible for you and the rest of the Satellite Industry.  We will take every effort to address current events and issues that need innovative thinking for the future.

I know that networking and planning for the future are especially crucial after the trials and tribulations that we’ve all faced this year.  The timing for the event appears to be perfect; due to our unique position of not having had to change the date like many industry events, we believe that we can create an event that will play a vital role in helping the industry get back on track.

We are closely monitoring the Covid-19 progression on a daily basis.  Satnews Events needs to ensure the event – if we can make it happen – is unambiguously safe, first and foremost.

We are living through exceptional times, and the world is changing rapidly. There are 5 months before Satellite Innovation is due to open and we remain committed to provide you with as clear of a picture as possible on an ongoing basis, so that you can manage your plans over the coming months.

My very best wishes to all of you during this time of unprecedented challenges. I very much hope to be able to welcome you all to the San Francisco Bay area in October.

Silvano Payne,